The Tauranga Ratepayers’ Alliance is a City-wide alliance dedicated to championing a better deal and more transparency for Tauranga residents.


We are a group of concerned locals who have formed the Tauranga Ratepayers’ Alliance in response to the appointment of unelected commissioners in place of elected councillors. With numbers, a strong voice, and coordination, we stand up to Tauranga City Council’s wasteful spending, poor financial mismanagement, and unjustified rates increase.

Our power comes from numbers. That’s why we need you to become a member. Help us give ratepayers a strong voice to demand a better deal from Tauranga City Council.

Who is behind the Tauranga Ratepayers’ Alliance?

The Tauranga Ratepayers’ Alliance is a joint initiative of local civic leaders and members of the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

Our leadership is comprised of chairs and former chairs of local ratepayer associations, civic leaders, and passionate locals. Depending on the issue, you'll be hearing from different members of the steering group acting as a spokesperson on behalf of the Tauranga Ratepayers' Alliance.

Who can join the Tauranga Ratepayers’ Alliance?

Membership is free and open to all Tauranga residents and ratepayers who share the Ratepayers’ Alliance’s vision of a prosperous and affordable Tauranga with a transparent and accountable City Council.

What are the aims of the Tauranga Ratepayers’ Alliance? 

The aims of the Tauranga Ratepayers’ Alliance are to:

•  reduce wasteful Council spending;
•  increase transparency and accountability of those funded by ratepayers;
•  increase institutional checks on the Council;
•  enable ratepayers to easily scrutinise Council spending; 
•  lower the rates burden; and
•  promote evidence-based public policy.


The Tauranga Ratepayers' Alliance constitution can be found here.