March 21, 2023

Council managers costing ratepayers $24 million

The Tauranga Ratepayers Alliance is calling for the Commissioners to investigate concerns about overstaffing and bloated salaries at Tauranga City Council.

Figures obtained under the Local Government Official Information & Meetings Act reveal that Tauranga City Council employs the equivalent of 190.5 full-time managers with an average salary of $128,129.

The number of managers employed by the Council was greater than the number of staff employed in customer-facing roles (186.5).

Tauranga Ratepayers' Alliance Spokesperson, Sam Hill says:

“Under the Commissioners, personnel expenses at Tauranga City Council have increased faster than inflation. It is clear the growth has been in management rather than core services. With a manager for every five employees, the Council looks increasingly top-heavy.
“Given that Tauranga households are struggling under the pressure of big rates, it’s only fair the Commissioners look to trim some of the fat in upper and middle management. 

“Residents and ratepayers were told that the Commission was put in place to make tough decisions and ensure the best possible future for Tauranga. The Commission needs to start looking at ways to save money for Tauranga households.”

Tauranga City Council's information release is available here